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    Making the Internet a Better Place

    One Pixel at a Time

    Hi. We’re Fancy Pants Group. A creative studio that is doggedly dedicated to creating better digital experiences for everyone. We believe in making ads that don’t feel like ads, content that works across devices, and creative that is awesomely scalable. We work with well-known agencies, publishers and brands, and we hope to work with you soon, too.

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    Creating the ads of tomorrow

    We worked with Google and four major brands to re-imagine their existing digital campaigns with a smart new dynamic strategy. And help Google show that data-driven messaging creates meaningful engagement.

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    Inspiring Consumers to Go Nude

    When L’Oréal was launching their latest product, La Palette Nude, they needed to show consumers how a neutral palette could help them unlock a world of fashion-forward looks. They already had a beautiful product. It was our job to come up with a creative concept to sell it.

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OUR Services

From dynamic banners to responsive websites, we’re experts at creating a broad range of digital experiences. Here are just a few of the things we can help with.


    • Standard and Rich Media HTML5 Ads
    • Responsive Ads
    • Dynamic Campaigns / Programmatic Executions
    • Responsive Microsites
    • Mobile Sites
  • Publishers

    We’re an external innovation lab and execution team that can help you imagine new ad formats and operationalize production at scale.

  • Ad Tech

    We can help you discover new efficiencies, and come up with smart solutions to help you produce at scale, without sacrificing quality standards.


    We can help you come up with fresh creative ideas, or bring your idea to life, while effectively meeting your budget requirements.


    We can help you produce complex and innovative creative executions that are impactful and deliver results.



  • Time

    Ads that Don’t Feel Like Ads

  • L’Oréal

    La Palette Nude

  • SSLA

    Dynamic Ads That Dazzle

  • FPG

    Find your perfect match

  • Discovery

    Bringing the Outdoors Online


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Mobile, responsive, dynamic, creative (and that’s just our staff!)

With our headquarters in NYC and offices in China, we are a diverse mix of over 100 people who tinker, test, and experiment to create innovative and high-quality digital experiences. We pride ourselves on our collaborative work ethic and we are happiest when exceeding expectations.


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We enjoy meeting new people, making new friends and building new partnerships. So don’t be a stranger.


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